Customer Engagement (v): The actions a company undertakes to create a specific feeling in a customer or prospect or to encourage their audience to participate in a conversation.

Customer Engagement (n): The level in which a customer is emotionally involved with a particular brand, product or service.

Get your customers involved and you’ll win their hearts and their friends.

Customer engagement is critical to the lasting success of every firm and can serve as the sole differentiator that tips a prospect into becoming a customer. Every customer wants to feel two emotions when they make a purchase. First, they want to feel like they’ve made the right decision and second, that they matter to the companies whom they’ve given their trust and business.

How often do you receive feedback from your target audience?

What does your company do to make your customers sticky?

What can you do to create a memorable experience for your prospects?

How emotionally involved is your target audience with the needs your company can fulfill?